Ice Breaker Ideas (by Joshua Tam, 2/2/12)

1. Multiplying name balls

This game is an ice breaker game that is very useful when you want to know the group member's names. In this game, we will be using 1-4 balls depending on the work effiency and the number of people. So what we do is the first person throws a ball to another person saying their name. Then that person will throw to another person who haven't been called yet. This will continue until it goes back to the first person. Then as people get use to the speed, another ball will be added to the toss.

Materials needed for the game: 1-4 balls (Can be in different sizes)

2. The splat game

This game is very fun, and it does not need any materials. First the group will form a circle, and they would have to choose a "Splat master". The job of the splat master is to point to a person and say "splat!". The person being pointed would have to quickly drop down, and the 2 people on the side have to "splat" each other. If the anyone of the people were slow, they would sitting. This game will go in until the two last people are standing. They would come out, and face back to each other. The splat master would choose a word, and as the word is being said, the two of them have to splat each other. The splat master can say anything similar to confuse them, and everytime a different word is being said, both of them have to go one step forward.

Shikhar Gupta (21/2/2012)

3. Zip Zap Boink

There is a "ball of energy" that is in one person's hands. To pass the ball around, one of three moves can be used - Zip, Zap or Boink. A Zip is in one direction to the people next to you, and cannot be reveresed. A Zap is across, cannot be done to those next to you and has no direction. A Boink is to reverse the direction of a Zip. A Boink cannot be Boink-ed and a Zap cannot be Boink-ed. Any person who is slow or incorrectly calls out a move will sit in the 'circle of shame' (in the middle of the circle). This game needs no materials and can be repeated for endless fun.