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This Wikia is for the RES-L group 121 of 2012 from Raffles Institution. Our project will consist of tutoring Da Qiao Primary students. If you do not happen to be our teacher mentor or one of our group members, please refrain from editing anything, as it will get taken down WIE. If you


Map of Da Qiao Primary School

wish to know about our members and/or teacher-mentor, please visit the Group Information.

Ongoing Work:

1. Journal

2. Lesson Plan

3. Photos (as well as videos)

4. Research Materials

Completed Work:

1.Perception survey

2. Ice Breakers

3. Questionnaire

4. FGP




Maths Syllabus:


The RES-L programme aims to nurture and develop students into active citizens. We will learn to

  • apply academic, social and personal skills in improving the community,

  • improve your resource management & organisational skills,

  • gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your community and society,

  • develop as leaders who will take initiative, solve problems, work as a team and demonstrate your abilities while and through serving and helping others.
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